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Family Christmas Ornaments is family run by 2 generations, with 3 generations of history. We originally created all of our ornaments ourselves as part of our annual family reunion. Back in the day when our grandmother was making the ornaments, they were simple figures, hand crafted from dough she kneeded prior to everyone's arrival.

When reunion time came, all the families would get together and create ornaments from the dough. This was a very happy time for all of us, and particularly so for the children. My sister and I have extremely fond memories of using food coloring to tint the dough and make crazy hats for our figurines and all sorts of animals. My grandmother always made just one ornament for each of the families: a fireplace ornament with little stockings. She'd take the three family ornaments, spread a coating of egg whites and some other "secret ingredient", and then bake them up just right. After hardening, she paint each person's name on a stocking, creating which were our very first family Christmas ornaments.

The ornaments would go to each family's tree for just one season, after which they'd be discarded. Then, each year, we'd all return to make another batch of fresh family tree ornaments the following year. From this history, our family ornaments website was borne. These days, for health and other reasons, we no longer make baked dough ornaments, but we do make claydough and polymer clay ornaments for our website. I know my grandmother would be proud of this website if she were here. It's been a labor of love.

We hope you're able to find just the right family tree ornament for your wonderful family this year. And we hope that you'll find our selection broad enough so that you'll return again next year for a family Christmas ornament which perfectly celebrates the reason for the season and the joyous times we all share when home with family for the holidays.

You can read more about our service and family ornament collection in the customer comments throughout our website, or you can easily and quickly browse our entire stock by viewing our Family Ornament Catalog.

Thanks for stopping in. Feel free to send us an email at any time, Contact Us.

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